Best Robot Vacuums For Pet Hair 2021 | Top Pick Reviews

Having pets in the home sounds great, but Pets hair all-around your floor isn’t? Not as great and pets fur is the main reason behind allergies. and cleaning pets fur consider as the worst part of pet owners have to deal with and on daily basis, they have to clean a sheet amount of pet hairs.

Pet dog

But in today era, it is not your job to clean pet hairs on daily basis, best robot vacuum cleaner 2021 is designed to keep up with your pet’s hair cleaning and you can run these robot cleaners according to your schedule, all you have to do is empty the dustbin so the only thing you have to do is occasionally empty its dustbin.

Currently, there are number of robot vacuums are available in the market with and selection of the best robot vacuums for pets hair has slightly become a difficult process, but we have tested a number of different brands of robot vacuums for pet hairs specifically.

During the test, we learn that pet fur on your home floor is about three things, agitation navigation, and suction. And t=The best robot vacuum for pet hairs can find them and clean them up fastly.

We have shared only the top 10 best robot vacuums for pets and you can select them according to your budget and floor size.

Best Robot Vacuums For Pet Hair 2021

Best Robot Vacuums For Pet Hair List

Samsung Powerboat R7065🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Roomba 980🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Eufy RoboVac 11🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
 iLife V3s Pro 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Proscenic 790T 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Botvac D5 Robot Vaccum 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Shark ION Robot vacuum R85🌟🌟🌟🌟
bObsweep Pet Hair Plus Robot🌟🌟🌟

1. Samsung Powerboat R7065 Review | Per Hair Removal Vaccum Cleaner

Samsung is one of the reliable names when it comes to smartphone, smart tv, and appliance and they recently launched Samsung Powerboat R7065 is a very powerful robot vacuum cleaner ever and after review and test, we can say that if you own this powerful robot vacuum cleaner, cleaning is not difficult anymore for you.

Samsung Powerboat R7065 Review

Samsung claims that this robot cleaner is 40x more powerful if you compare them with the usual robot vacuum cleaners.

When we review this robot cleaner for best robot vacuums for pets its 100% true that this robot cleaner is different from other robot cleaners in power almost when we test It removes everything from the floor including pet furs, dirt on floors, my wife hairs which are on the edges of walls and it works perfectly on hard floors, carpet rugs.

Furthermore, after a review that we can say it’s one of the top-rated and best robot vacuum cleaners for pet hairs. Therefore, POWERbot R7065 is a good choice for a relaxed lifestyle and it will save you plenty of time.

Shape and design

When we talk about the design of the Samsung R7065 it has an exclusively unique design and different shape as compared to other robot vacuums. Come with upward face camera eyes, the control panel on the front is digital and other options on top.

This robot vacuum cleaner comes in a mix of grey and black color. It’s extremely eye-catching and suitable for modern house and best one for if loves the concept of smart homes.

The best thing about this robot cleaner. It comes with lightweight (only 9.5 pounds and portable and you can easily move this out anywhere you go.

There are2 big wheels under t Samsung R7065 and these wheels help this robot vacuum cleaner to move smoothly and dodging obstacles and pets, and easily transits from rugs to hard floors and give perfect cleaning for every type of surface.

This robot clean had a wide brush with the motor to dirt big floor in less time and movement. And brush rotating motion assist in cleaning dirt and debris particles, strong suction from corner to corner entire brush pick-up dirt.

Easy to use

This robot cleaner is one of easy to use robot cleaner you can control this robot cleaner with wifi and via smartphone. And also you will have the option to control this robot vacuum from Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby. And all you have to do is voice command.

Cleaning Modes

This robot cleaner offers a total of 5 cleaning modes which are as follows.

Automatic cleaning mode: once you choose automatic cleaning mode, this robot cleaner will adjust itself according to the floor and start cleaning the surface.

Manual Cleaning: When you choose the manual mode for cleaning, you can control this robot cleaner with your Smartphone and remote pad.

Repeat Cleaning mode: when you select this robot floor it will repeat cleaning the same floor again and again until battery end.

Spot Clean: this cleaning mode is best for cleaning dirt intense sport such as kid’s room you can map the spot and this robot will focus on the spot while cleaning.

 Visionary Mapping 

This robot vacuum can dodge and stay away from any obstacles during the cleaning of the floor. There is an onboard camera and high accuracy sensors that do a perfect job and ideal for cleaning multiple rooms in one go. So, there is no need to worried about tables and chairs or pets during cleaning.

Powerful Technology

This robot vacuum cleaner offers cyclone force technology to split dirt and debris into the outer chamber of the vacuum cleaner. And provide very long-lasting suction power and make sure consistent power without clogging and legging.

This robot cleaner can detect floor type and change the suction power, it will save plenty of time and power as compared to other robot vacuum cleaner.

What We Like
  • Manufactured by well-known and reliable brand Samsung
  • elegant design
  • suction power is very high
  • Great for all type of floor
  • able to clean hard to reach a place of the floor and clean edges efficiently
  • Easy to handle by Smartphone or voice control
  • self-recharging automatically
  • Scheduling
  • Best vacuum cleaner pet hair removal

What We Don't Like
  • High price tag


Overall, it’s one of the robot vacuum cleaner 2021 with great suction power. During the test, we overwhelmed with its suction power. Especially, it’s one of the best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

Additionally, its “edge clean master” feature is best for cleaning edges of the floor. overall in our of best vacuum cleaners for pet hairs, it’s on top because other robot vacuum cleaners are far behind from its power. Finally, we will recommend you POWERbot R7065 as your next robot cleaner in 2021.

2. Roomba 980 Review | Wi-Fi-enabled Vaccum

if you’re finding the “Renaissance” robot vacuum cleaner, then you should think about buying Roomba 980.becuse doesn’t matter what type of flooring you have in your home from tile to carpet this robot vacuum can adjust and clean quickly.

Roomba 980 Review

Boost technology

Several consumers are loving this robot vacuum because this gadget manufactured with the latest boost technology and give you 10 time better air on your floor and clean your rugs and carpets pet hair very smoothly.

Its powerful suction is matching with a high competence filter that capture and clean small particles, pollen, and allergens hovering all-around your home and this feature is best for those who own a pet and want to get rid of pets hairs on carpet and rugs. Roomba 980 also has tangle-free extractors to stop hair clogs.

Strong Connectivity

Importantly, Roomba 980980 also offers WiFi capability and works with iRobot App and with that app, you can l schedule your cleaning preferences via your smartphone or tablet. This robot cleaner also gives you the option to control through voice commands like Alexa or Google Assistant to start, stop, or dock the robot.

Cleaning Reports

Furthermore, you can also receive clean-up reports that show accurately where the vacuum cleaner and how long each area took while cleaning.

Strong Sensor

This robot cleaner comes with very strong sensors and Roomba robot cleaner by mistake throws itself downstairs and or comes to an impulsive end. Because strong sensors prevent this robot from falling and as well as boundary markers will stop this robot cleaner from entering in specific rooms or bump into your home objects.


And one of Best of all, this robot will smartly come back to its dock if there is need of recharges and Once the battery charge and regain this robot vacuum will resume the operation until the cleaning is complete and we have found this robot very fast from other robot vacuums and if we talk about battery life brand this robot during our test Runs for up to 110 minutes while officially they claim it for 120 minutes. However, the Roomba immediately became a consumer sensation

What We Like
  • Powerful Air and suction
  • Perform well on all type of floors
  • Strong sensors
  • Wi-Fi-enabled.

What We Don't Like
  • Slightly expensive
  • Noisy


This robotic vacuum is one of the best robot vacuum in our list yet because of its high power of suction it can clean small particles like pet furs which we cannot see from eyes and , Wi-Fi and app control make this very easier for those who have busy schedule the only flaw we can consider is, price is higher but if you can afford you will get one of the best gadgets of 2021.

3. Eufy RoboVac 11 Review | Best Tripple Filter System Vaccum

You don’t have to pay out a lot of money to get an exceptional robot vacuum in 2021. Because Eufy RoboVac one of budget-friendly robot vacuum models, the RoboVac 11 offer powerful and very efficient performance and clean your floor quickly

Eufy RoboVac 11 Review

This robot vacuum doesn’t offer features like app or voice control, RoboVac 11s don’t make any annoying noises while cleaning the floor and come with very compact design and its one of the best option if your home has low-clearance furniture walls.

Design and Features

The RoboVac 11s have a similar design like RoboVac 11. The circular body of 11s is darker, and that is why the eufy logo is less noticeable.

RoboVac 11s come with a very compact and stylish design that makes the RoboVac 11s the smallest ideal for cleaning under low tables, couches, and consoles.

This robot vacuum cleaner doesn’t have premium features as we mentioned above but still, it’s one top robot vacuum Amazon with a rating of 4.5/5 by more than 5000 buy this robot vacuum which is considered really good.

Powerful suction

This robot cleaner comes with very powerful suction and can clean pet hairs it will clean dirt and dust from the floor. It’s and after the test of this vacuum, we can say that when you use this cleaner there won’t be any debris left.

This robot vacuum cleaner has a very strong sensor when it comes to finding dire and Whenever they spot heavy dirt or you cleaning carpet this robot vacuum will automatically boost up the suction power and offer the best cleaning possible.

This robot cleaner works perfect on both types of the floor either it’s head or carpet floor. So you there will be no pets hair left on any floor when you clean with this model. RoboVac has very good quality brushes and there will be no furs and debris when you clean. And its two spinning side brushes are best for cleaning edges and walls.

Triple Filter

This robot cleaner comes with a triple filter system and it will perfectly clean the floor surface. a dual-layer filter and one high-performance filter will give you a 100% clean floor within a short period.

Three filters consist of pre-filter for large particles, a foam filter and a food performance filter for the smallest bits of pets and fur.

Cleaning Modes

This robot cleaner offers numerous cleaning modes and you can choose according to your cleaning needs. With automatic cleaning mode, this robot vacuum will navigates automatically and clean your floor and there. Other cleaning modes also available in this robot such spot cleaning Edge cleaning and Single Room cleaning and with these features you can just focus on single room edges and spots cleaning for example if your kid’s room is messy and need attention for cleaning you can focus on a single room.

Charge Time

This robot vacuum cleaner is ready to clean every time and offer a very good battery life. the battery life of this gadget is around 100 minutes. And you can easily clean your room in one go.

And when it comes to charging this robot cleaner stop the cleaning when power is low. and come back to charge itself and take The average charging time is 5 hours and go back and start cleaning again. It can clean up to 100 minutes with a single charge.

Big Dust Box

This robot cleaner comes with t big dustbin and can store up to 0.6Land you don’t have to empty your dustbin again and again.

Latest Boot IQ Technology

This robot cleaner offers very attractive boost IQ technology and senses the obstacle walls pets and kids toys It can easily sense and avoid them and focus on cleaning big areas It has infrared sensors for dodging obstacles while cleaning.

What We Like
  • Come with big dust box
  • Good and Strong Suction Power:
  • No noises.
  • Triple Filter System
  • No advance features such as wifi support, navigation mapping or app.
What We Don't Like
  • No


This robot cleaner is perfect for those who are looking for a very strong robot vacuum without breaking their bank account the only flaw we found in this robot vacuum is this robot vacuum cleaner doesn’t support the advance feature but has very strong power for cleaning with very good price.

4. iLife V3s Pro Review | Best Affordable Vacuum Cleaner

If you are searching for a consistent robot vacuum cleaner that always takes care of pet hair cleaning from carpet and tiles, then iLife V3s Pro is one of the best affordable options for come with very least expensive price as compared to other robot vacuum cleaner and in our review you can further read about amazing features and pros cons of this robot vacuums.

iLife V3s Pro Review

Great cleaning power

Tough, iLife V3s Pro is one budget robot cleaner, but its cleaning power on the hardwood floor surprise us. The gadget can pick up small, crumbling pieces of onion skin or pet furs in edge-cleaning mode. This robot cleaner approach walls delicately. But with this price, this type of high cleaning on a plain surface is simply amazing.

Remote controlled

life V3s Pro robot vacuum cleaner com with remote control. And with remote, you can select cleaning modes very easily without moving yourself. Moreover, you can also select the way of robot cleaner and it will clean on your set direction. Thus, you can do all types of customizing c and settings with this remote. This makes sure that you just sit on the sofa and watch Netflix rather than setting changes by going near to gadgets.

Powerful suction

This robot cleaner comes with very powerful suction power, and if we compare the suction power of this robot vacuum it’s quite the same as $500 vacuum cleaner. As a result, it will be very easy for you to clean and eliminate any dirt and Sucks up anything from dust to cat litter and dog shedding quickly and fastly and capable to clean all types of floors such as tile, laminate hardwood, and even thin rugs and carpet.


You can schedule this robot vacuum easily according to your daily routine and this robot cleaner can handle 7 days in the week and you can schedule like when you aren’t in-home or during office hours or sleeping hours and when you wake up you will find your floor clean from dirt and pet hairs


The ILIFE Robot vacuum with one of the amazing edge cleaning mode option, generally, its difficult for vacuums to cleaning corners and edges of walls. But with this mode all, you have to do its click and activate this mode and it will clean all-around corner and edges of the room you can also activate this mode with remote. And there is more cleaning mode also available such to do spot cleaning, and in spot cleaning, you can select certain area, for example, you can select the area where you eat food normally so it will focus on that particular area and there auto cleaning, and schedule cleaning modes are also available.

Charging & Battery life

This robot vacuum work with durable lithium-ion batteries.. there is a charging dock in The ILIFE V3s model. this robot vacuum will come back to dock automatically and docks itself for recharging its batteries. And if we talk about battery life this robot vacuum offer durations at around 90 to 120 minutes in one time charging it means you can clean your floor easily in a one-time charge.

What We Like
  • easily clean under the furniture and sofa
  • mop the floors
  • Pocket-friendly pricing

What We Dont Like
  • This robot doesn’t have a way to control where it goes and not able to dodge obstacles.


If you are finding budget friendly robot vacuum and have pets in your then iLife V3s Pro is the best robot vacuum for you.  And even if you are not looking for budget friendly this robot vacuum still one of best option and offer great cleaning  performance for less money and one of the affordable robot vac currently in 2021.

5. Proscenic 790T Review | Dual Mopping System

Proscenic is one of the very famous robot vacuums,cordless vacuum manufacturing Taiwanese companies. And one of their famous robot vacuum cleaners is Proscenic 790T Robot Vacuum Cleaner and its powerfull suction with very pocket-friendly price caught over attention and surprise us during review test and that’s the main reason why we add this robot vacuum in our top 10 best robot vacuum cleaners list.

Proscenic 790T Review

Key features of the Proscenic Cleaner

This robot vacuum comes with an affordable price tag when we talk about affordable or pocket-friendly robot vacuums. first tough come in our mind is that we have to sacrifice some advance features like wifi, heap filter or connectivity, etc. but this is not the case with this robot vacuum clean and the Proscenic 790T Robot Vacuum Cleaner have all the latest technology features with very affordable price tag advanced features include HEPA filter, Wi-Fi connectivity, mopping option and this robot vacuum is also compatible with Amazon Alexa voice .

Three cleaning modes

This robot vacuum offers different cleaning modes Proscenic 790T utilize the area, edge, and auto cleaning options to clean your floors. This robot generally follows a parallel cleaning path, systematically go to one line straight line after one by one to sufficiently clean and cover your whole floors so. This process of cleaning makes this robot vacuum different from other mostly robot vacuum go in any direction of cleaning and left so many uncleaned spots during cleaning but this robot sounds impressive and doesn’t leave any unclean spot during our review test.

Design and dimensions

Proscenic 790T comes with a diameter of 13.0 inches and a height of 3.5 inches. And this robot can clean big rooms and floors in a single charge and low profile design of this vacuum cleaner allow this robot to clean under sofas, tables, sofa and other furniture which is difficult for the human to clean. And when we talk about design, Proscenic 790T also has a similar design like other robot vacuums. Come with round design with the three-stage cleaning process, two side brushes, and one main brush.


This robot vacuum cleaner comes with three different types of sensors and this sensor save this robot vacuum cleaner bumping into pets, and other obstacles during cleaning, additionally, this robot vacuum can climb from hardwood floors to carpet and easily climb up to 0.4 inches and when we test this its work like great.


As we discussed above this robot vacuum come with all the great features in affordable price and Mopping option consider as one of premium feature in a robot vacuum cleaner. this vacuum cleaner has an Optional wet and dry detachable mopping option and with this mopping option it will not only suck debris and dirt off the floor but it will clean and make your floor shiny.

Interchangeable vacuum

With this robot vacuum cleaner, you can sweep and clean your tile floors while using the bristle brush. This brush is ideal for agitating and sweeping and loosening up debris. However, if you own a pet then defiantly you need to clean pet hairs and if you want to clean pet hairs you can take out the bristle brush and just replace it with vacuum port. The vacuum part is ideal for bigger debris.

What We Like
  • Affordable price
  • Dual Mopping
  • WIFI Connectivity
  • Three cleaning modes

What We Don't Like


    This Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one of the perfect examples of the best robot vacuum cleaner. And this robot cleaner offers effective clean and has all modern features with a very budget-friendly price tag. It is an ideal buy for those people who are looking to save money and want to buy the best robot vacuum with all the latest features like wifi, connectivity, and mopping, etc.

    6. Botvac D5 Robot Vaccum Review | Easy to Use

    The Botvac D5 robot vacuum cleaner look-alike Roomba 980 in terms of quality feature and performances because we have reviewed both robot vacuum and similar testing of cleaning and in them we find a lot of similarities between both of them, but there is one difference which is price currently this vacuum is available in $620 on amazon and price of Roomba 980 is high in comparison with this vacuum

    Botvac D5

    And if we compare Botvac D5 robot vacuum cleaner with D3 and D4, there is a slight difference in these models and D5. Almost d5 brushes are almost the same, the size of dustbin is almost similar. Robot vacuum laser-guided movement in direction is straight lines same like d3 and d4 and last but not lease this model has same l no-go lines same to same like d4 however we find d5 more impressive in suction and power and there are a lot of improvements in battery life as compare to previous models.

    Botvac D5 performance

    When it comes to the performance of d5, There are, improvement and this model is enhanced as compared to d4 and d3. run time of this robot cleaner has significantly increased. And Botvac D5 offers up to 90 minutes run time, so it can clean a big home in one go, and if you own a big home it will be a suitable choice for you.

    Secondly, Botvac D5 has a memory storage capacity of three different floor map and so with botvac d5 you can move the robot vacuum between three floors and this robot will clean it out your all floors you map.

    Turbo Mode

    Botvac D5 also offers Turbo mode, and if you want to speed up to the process of cleaning all you have to is select turbo mode and it will increase the suction power of robot cleaner and you can clean mainly dirty area that requires cleaning. And the reason behind selection in our top 10 list of best robot vacuums for the pet is turbo because of its best option for those who have pets and small kids. Addiotnaly D5 also has -performance filter that performs a great job in removing allergens and dust particles from your home quickly.

    Side Brushes

    Another amazing feature and improvement of this robot vacuum side brushes. Other robot vacuums cleaners do a decent cleaning job of walls corners and edges. But d5 perform this task amazingly with side brushes., the side brushes of D5 enhanced and make sure that there are dirt and pet hairs left behind. And during our review test, we found that some of the brushes bristle get out of the shape but the performance of side brushes is amazing and you can also replace these brushes if the original brush doesn’t last long.

    What We Like
    • Botvac D5 cleaning is very deep and even don’t left small particles on the floor
    • Very quiet
    • Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Side Brushes Work Great

    What We Don't Like
    • There is no option to stop the vacuum in the middle of cleaning, except turning it off.


    We find this robot cleaner one of great options for those who are looking for, best robot vacuums for pets because of its amazing turbo mode and side brushes option if you want to save some dollars you can choose this instead of Roomba 980.

    7. Shark ION Robot vacuum R85

    SharkNinja is one of the famous names in the manufacturing of classic vacuum cleaners. But now, with the technology revolution they going their product range. They launch some cordless vacuum, and recently they launch there Shark ION Robot vacuum cleaner with a price of $230 and the best thing about this robot vacuum is you can control this gadget with your smartphone and there are number of features we have review during our testing for best robot vacuums for pets which are below.

    shark ion

    Suction power

    Shark ION 750 comes with side brushes and its key brush roll agitate the dust and debris and then sucked by its very powerful airflow generated by the motor into the dustbin at the back of the cleaner. The brush bristles are high-tensile and are arranged as a helix pattern. And both side brushes have bristled with uneven length. And all this brush mechanism help this robot vacuum cleaner in picking the dirt.

    The R85 series robot vacuum cleaners commit more than 3x the suction power as compare to previous R75 series and shark install new enhanced high power motor for great suction and cleaning. and this model performs extremely well-vacuuming floors such as tiles, wood, marble and perform well on carpets and rugs as well. This robot cleaner comes with a very small profile Its 2.6 inches and able to clean easily under sofa, furniture and mall areas.


    This robot cleaner has a battery of 14.4 V/ 2550 mAh Li-Ion. And Shark ION 750 can clean the floor constantly for around 1 hour. And after a time charging end it will take around 3 hours to fully charge again and ready for one more cleaning session of 1 hour.

    Movement/navigation algorithm

    Shark ION robot comes with lots of proximity sensors and it gives them features to dodge any obstacles or anything that comes in its way during cleaning. furthermore, s sensors also allow robot cleaners to turn back if they see any cliff or high stairs. And last but not least these sensors allow them to get back to dock when battery ends during cleaning.


    This robot cleaner has a HEPA filter and one thing we want to inform you that you have to replace this filter every 2 months according to the shark brand. but it comes with the price of $15 to 20 but here is one hack from our side f you clean the heap filter then you can replace this filter after 6 months.


    This robot cleaner bin can store 14 oz dust. its quite surprising as compare to price this is a quite good size of bin and you don’t have to empty bin daily and other vacuums even with high prices come with small size bins.

    What We Like
    • Makes no noise.
    • Work via Alexa or Google Assistant
    • You can schedule cleaning with smartphone
    • Works great on thin rugs and carpets and hard
    • Has a big bin

    What We Don't Like
    • Expensive replacements


    Shark ION is one of the first robot cleaners of this brand. And the performance of this robot vacuum is good but there is room for improvement such as parts are expensive .but if you are someone who loves to operate everything from a smartphone this robot cleaner will be a suitable choice for you.

    8. bObsweep Pet Hair Plus Robot | Best Dual Filter Vaccum Cleaner

    bObsweep is one of the famous manufacturer brands of robot vacuums cleaner and you can clean your floors without costing your time and cleaning effort.

    bObsweep Pet Hair Plus Robot

    They design some amazing and affordable and best robot vacuum 2021 and this brand launch different models of robot vacuums cleaners and keep releasing latest models with more technologically advanced robot cleaners and bObsweep Pet Hair Plus Robot is one of them they recently launch this robot cleaner and when we were searching for best robot vacuum for pets 2021 this robot vacuum caught our attention and after review we add this in our top 10 list because we must say in this price tag its one of suitable robot vacuum with so many amazing features and we have reviewed them in details below so lets start with some main feature of this amazing robot vacuum cleaner. Features Of The bObsweep Pet Hair Plus Robot

    Multitask Capability

    bObsweep is one of the famous manufacturer brands of robot vacuums cleaner and you can clean your floors without costing your time and cleaning effort.

    They design some amazing and affordable and best robot vacuum 2021 and this brand launch different models of robot vacuums cleaners and keep releasing latest models with more technologically advanced robot cleaners and bObsweep Pet Hair Plus Robot is one of them they recently launch this robot cleaner and when we were searching for best robot vacuum for pets 2021 this robot vacuum caught our attention and after review we add this in our top 10 list because we must say in this price tag its one of suitable robot vacuum with so many amazing features and we have reviewed them in details below so lets start with some main feature of this amazing robot vacuum cleaner. Features Of The bObsweep Pet Hair Plus Robot

    The bobsweep Pet Hair Plus can do multi-tasking and you can use this on your all floor cleaning task by itself. Regardless of the floor type you have, this robot will help you keep it clean.

    It will work perfectly fine on your hard floors or rugs and strong carpets. And this robot has a special brush roll underneath that will comb through the fibers and dislodge embedded dirt.

    This robot cleaner has side brushes with long bristles and cleans the dirt and dust from the floor in the short run and its powerful suction quickly sucks them up.


    And this robot doesn’t only offer to sweep and mop if you want to mop your floor this robot vacuum also has an option for mopping your floor. And there is a microfiber cloth and you can attach this cloth for mopping and it will clean your hard floor and give your hard floor a shiny effect. Additionally, this robot cleaner also has UV light and when it shines it gives you a perfect look and also kills germs. You can have a truly clean floor.

    Powerful Suction

    Suction power is one important aspect of any vacuum cleaner. this robot cleaner has to take suction seriously.

    bObsweep Pet Hair Plus Robot has powerful suction and picks the dirt and debris quickly from different types of floors. And if we talk about pet hairs specifically bObsweep Pet Hair Plus is designed for pet hair and after review test, we can say that its ideal for pet owners and best robot cleaner for pet hairs 2021 and able to solve all your pet hairs cleaning issues.

    This robot cleaner works great with pet hairs on different floors tile, carpets or any type of the floor. And high suction power gives you deep cleaning every time you use it.

    Navigation Sensors

    Although, bObsweep Pet Hair Plus Robot don’t follow the exact pattern for movement during cleaning but still cover the whole floor.,

    This robot cleaner has many sensors that help while cleaning your home and these sensors can detect obstacles during cleaning and avoid smash with your furniture and pets and don’t give your furniture any scratches.

    Also, a sensor under the robot cleaner helps this gadget to avoid falling and also monitored ]changes in the floor and automatically manage suction power according to floors. floor height such that it can tell when there is a fall ahead of it.

    Large Dust Cup

    It sounds difficult when you empty dust cap just after one-room cleaning and it irritates many people because it’s hard to get dust cup out then put it again. But we can make sure here you don’t have to experiences any problem like this with this robot cleaner because as compared to other robot cleaners this one has more capacity to store in a dust cap. With that much space, the robot cleaner will cover all floors without dust cap empty and almost clean everywhere without needing to empty. But it depends on your rooms how big they are.

    Full Command Remote

    You can control this robot cleaner with remote and can give every command trough it. And this remote has a small screen where you can see the setting and all the details of the robot cleaner. You can schedule the cleaning task and plan your cleaning up to 7 days and you don’t have to worry about these 7 days about cleaning your home. And if you don’t want any disturbance of cleaning when you are at home you can schedule cleaning in your office hours and when you enter your home after a hectic day at the office you will find your room clean.

    High-Efficiency Filter

    Filters play a very important role in the robot vacuum cleaner.. and robot vacuum with a good quality a filter is ideal for users.

    This robot cleaner comes with a dual filter. It means dirt and debris have to pass tough two different filters.

    And dual filters are highly proficient, and we can make sure that it will make that air that flow back into your home will be clean and you can breathe safely.

    What We Like
    • Affordable
    • Specialty Designed for pet hairs
    • Dual Filter
    • It can sweep, vacuum, and mop your floor

    What We Like
    • The vacuum is quite loud but you can schedule cleaning when you are not at home.
    • Mopping is not good


    If you are buying this robot cleaner for vacuum and mop according to our test its, not a suitable option.

    However, if you are looking for a robot cleaner to keep your floors clean. Especially you want to clean pet hairs, then this bob is the perfect choice for you.

    we love it for this reason.

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