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best tips robotAs technology is overgrowing, there is a ton of way for cleaning our home, and dirty floors and robot vacuum cleaners are one of the suitable examples. Robot vacuums are the most modern high-tech devices that are made for cleaning and making our life more relaxed and comfortable. But, many people still think that they aren’t perfect, and can’t replace the traditional vacuums completely. Yet, according to experts if appropriately used, robot cleaners can clean your home and best replacement of upright vacuum cleaners.You can use this high technology to take your cleaning game like a pro below we have shared some fantastic tips to use your robot vacuum and get the most out of it. We can make sure if you implement these tips you can get replace the traditional upright vacuum.

Before choosing know your home and floors

Before you select and buy a robot vacuum cleaner, review your home and check everything. Know about your home all nooks and crannies in detail. And start thinking for your home with the perspective of the robot vacuum cleaner. For example, see your sofa if your sofa has a low clearance from the bottom, then you have to choose thin robot cleaner which can quickly go downside and clean under your sofa same check your room furniture from the below and choose light and small robot cleaner. And also check about if dust collects in the corner of your floor or room? If yes so, always choose a robot vacuum cleaner that can clean the dirt from corners, and this sort of robot vacuums filter has the right-angled edge.

know your floorsThink about your home! If it’s large then always choose robot cleaner with good battery life, there are different robot vacuum with different battery life, and you have to choose according to your home size.If you have a big size home, then a more substantial capacity of a battery is a good option, so it doesn’t run out of power during cleaning. And if you have a small size of the home, then you can go with a low size battery capacity. Check your floors and know how much area of your floor is covered and thick rugs and tiles. There are different types of robot cleaner specialise for all kind of robot some are good for tiles some are good for carpet and some clean ideally of both types. You have to choose according to you for the floor type. Additionally, there are some robot cleaners with mop option as well if you have a large tile floor you can also pick that one. No one knows your home better than you so know your home first then choose robot vacuum cleaner.

Do pick big obstacle before cleaning 

As we said earlier, robot cleaners still not eliminate upright vacuum cleaning. And robot cleaners work best on the floor with fewer obstacles that our kids tend to throw around. So it’s essential to clean big Clothes, bags, and other barriers should be picked up, so robot cleaner efficiently does the cleaning job.empty your dustbin

Keep your robot Vacuum clean

Keep your robot cleaner always clean and after use for one month clean it and make sure that all the sensors and filters are cleaner and working correctly. And if you wash it properly, it will last longer and work with better performance.

Empty Dustbin regularly

Don’t forget to empty your robot’s dust bin often so your robot cleaner can clean all your trash easily different robot cleaner comes with different size of containers and choose according to size. And once the container is full, they are not able to suck more dust. If you let the robot cleaner clean without empty dustbin, it will work roam around and do nothing.


Always choose a flat and easily reached area for charging, if possible, make it somewhere that requires the most cleaning for example if your kids room more cleaning try to place dock in your kids’ room so that it can always get to it and charge itself. And keep the charging dock easily clean from dust and dirt.

aafa certifcation


If you or kids have a problem with allergy always try to find robot cleaner with AAFA certification and this sort of robot cleaner’s fight with allergens. This, and it will make your daily life very easy.

Be relax and patient

at times, you might think that robot cleaner is not able to clean a particular area as you desire. in reality, they have their method of roaming on floors, and in some robot cleaners, you can also select focus area for cleaning for example if you choose drawing room so it will be more focused on cleaning drawing-room.

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