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Frieze carpet is made of special materials like twisted fibers to provide you unique look. Unfortunately, this unique frieze carpet is really hard to vacuum. To clean this type of vacuum, you need the best vacuum for frieze carpet. That vacuum cleaner will not only help you to clean the carpet but also do not damage the surface of the carpet.

If you want a luxurious feel, there is only a frieze carpet that is exceptional for this. Frieze carpet has twisted and short fibers but sometimes it can have long fibers. These carpets are best for high-traffic rooms and households with children and pets. These can stay well for long but only if properly maintained. For maintaining its royal look, you have to clean it with the best vacuum cleaner.

If you want to buy a vacuum cleaner especially made for frieze carpet, it could be difficult for you as the frieze carpets are made of tiny curved fibers. This type of carpet can make it really hard to clean. With traditional vacuum cleaners, it is almost impossible to clean because it can damage the frieze carpet. There are thousands of vacuum cleaners available in the market but you can go wrong picking up for frieze carpet.

In this article, we will help you to buy the most suitable vacuum cleaner with the help of the best vacuum for frieze reviews. You can pick up a healthy choice that is according to your needs and budget. So, let’s have a look.

Best Vacuum for Frieze Carpet

1. Hoover Windtunnel9.6
2. Shark NV356E S2 Navigator9.4
3. Oreck Magnesium RS Swivel9.2
4. Soniclean Soft Cleaner8.8
5. Shark Rotator 8.6 
6. Dyson Ball Animal8.5
7. Shark ZU561 Navigator9.6
8. Eureka NEU202 Vacuum Cleaner9.5
9. Shark ZS362 APEX9.2

1. Hoover Windtunnel Vacuum Cleaner – Best Steerable Cleaner

Hoover Windtunnel Vacuum Cleaner - Best Steerable Cleaner


Hoover Air Steerable UH72400 is the best vacuum cleaner for the frieze carpet. Its steerable technology makes it different from others in the market. This feature lets you smoothly pilot around corners, furniture, and obstacles by just twisting the handle in the direction where you want to move. The model is super comfortable to use and you can move around quickly without any difficulty.

Through WindTunnel 3 technology, Hoover UH72400 can pick up and remove the dust deep from the pores of the frieze rug. Hoover never disappointed their clients with amazing features in their products. Hoover Air Steerable has a multi-floor brush roller. If you are cleaning a carpet and suddenly want to move to a hardwood surface, just press the roll-on/off button and do it with ease.


  • WindTunnel 3 Technology
    Hoover Air Steerable UH72400 has a 1300W motor that creates amazing suction power to remove debris and dust from pores of carpet. It has WindTunnel 3 technology through which you can remove dirt from deep of carpet without damaging its surface. This is done with the help of three grooves of powerful suction that safely cleans the carpet.
  • Steerable Technology
    It has a low profile and very compact design that is really easy to use under tables, chairs, or any furniture. Hoover Air Steerable UH72400 has innovative steerable technology through which you can head the vacuum easily towards corners, around furniture, room to room, and many other obstacles or any direction.
  • Multi Floor ON/OFF BrushRoll
    Hoover UH72400 is such a type of vacuum cleaner that is versatile to use on many types of surfaces. With the help of an integrated telescopic wand that is connected to a multi-floor brush roll, you can switch from one surface to another surface with an on/off button. It means you can move from carpet to floor with a press of the button and vice versa.
  • HEPA Filter
    Adding more, Hoover Air Steerable UH72400 comes with a HEPA filter. It also has an allergen Block technology that catches 99% of dust, dirt, and other microbes from carpet and doesn’t let them re-enter the air. You don’t have to re-change the filter because it can be reused.
  • Other features
    It weighs 13.8 pounds and a compact design. It means that moving it from one floor to another is a breeze. Its dirt cup has a capacity of 1.2 liters that is large enough to contain the dirt of the house. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner comes with a 30 feet power cord that is long enough to reach every corner of the room.
  • Easy to pick up dirt and dust with WindTunnel 3 technology
  • Dirt cup can be emptied quickly
  • Can be easily head towards any corner or under furniture
  • Multi-floor feature with just a press of a button
  • Lightweight and compact design that makes it easy to operate
  • Powerful suction
  • Not durable
  • Small in size and can’t cover a large area

Final Words

Hoover Air Steerable UH72400 seems a special vacuum cleaner made for frieze carpet. It has WindTunnel technology for powerful suction without damaging the rug. Go for this vacuum cleaner if you want to use it at home for small use. Not best for commercial use.


2. Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift – Away Professional- 2-in-1 cleaner

Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away Professional- 2-in-1 cleaner


If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner having the best features that a vacuum cleaner should have, then Shark NV356E is the best among all. The cleaner consists of a lift-away button that allows you to pick up the canister to clean areas that are hard to reach. This vacuum cleaner offers you deep cleaning of soft carpets and hard floors. Also, it is the best vacuum cleaner for wool carpets. It means it will be a great choice if you have a low budget.

Shark NV356E is a two-in-one cleaner, upright and lift-away, utilizing lift-away will help you to separate the head from the dirt canister to empty it easily. It is lightweight and has a long cord. That means it made it easy to clean every corner and lift it from one floor to another.


  • Regulated Suction Power and HEPA Filter
    The Shark NV356E has a regulated suction control feature that means you can control suction on different surfaces. You can increase suction power when it is hard to remove dust and move back to normal suction power. This vacuum cleaner also comes with a completely sealed HEPA system that catches and seals 99% of allergens. Also, it comes with a 2.2 quarts cup that insures you uninterrupted cleaning of emptying it again and again.
  • Swivel Steering and 2-in-1 cleaner
    This vacuum cleaner is equipped with advanced swivel steering. It helps you to control it perfectly while moving around different obstacles like furniture and pillars etc. Shark NV356E can be used in two ways that’s why it is 2-in-1. It can be used as an upright vacuum cleaner or removable lift-away pod. Through a removable lift-away pod, it is easy to clean areas in height like stairs and walls. You can detach the pod by just pressing a button.
  • Easiness
    It is a lightweight vacuum cleaner and portable. Its weight is just 13.7 pounds that means you can head it in any direction easily. Also, it comes with 30 feet long power cord that is enough to reach every corner of the room. All you need to assemble it but you can do it without any tool, which makes it simpler.
  • Brush Roll Shut-off
    The Shark NV356E comes with a brush roll shut-off feature. You can easily turn it off where it is not needed like hard floors and other surfaces. And easily turn it on when comes to clean regular carpet cleaning. The pet power brush will help you to remove pet hairs from the carpet easily.
  • Versatile Design
    The Shark NV356E has a versatile design that is key to modern vacuum cleaners. 2-in-1 technology is evidence of its versatility. Also, it has different tools, durability, and enough power to clean frieze carpet.

  • Consists of a large dust cup
  • Powerful suction that can be controlled
  • Affordable having pro features
  • Comes with a long cord and has a lightweight
  • Includes different accessories for versatile cleaning
  • Works best on high-pile carpets and bare floors
  • It has a short hose
  • Doesn’t have headlights to clean darken areas.

Final Words

It will be a great choice if you have a complicated design for your house. This means if there is a lot of furniture and height areas to clean. Its 2-in-1 technology will help you in cleaning all these areas. Also, it is not too expensive having all features that a powerful vacuum cleaner has. So go for this if you have a tight budget and want pro features.


3. Oreck Magnesium RS Swivel – Lightweight vacuum cleaner

Oreck Magnesium RS Swivel - Lightweight vacuum cleaner


Magnesium RS is a new vacuum cleaner in the market and got popularity among users due to its features and performance. The best feature of this, it is very lightweight. Most lightweight among all the list and difficult to find lighter than this one. Not only lightweight but also has strong suction power that efficiently pulls out dust and debris from the carpet.

Oreck Magnesium LW1500RS has a design that is much appealing and super easy for the user to grip. You can carry it around effortlessly while cleaning. Its large and high-performance wheels also help you to navigate easily around any surface and easily reach under furniture. This vacuum cleaner is the best for those who have difficulty to carry or drag heavy vacuum cleaners.


  • Design and Lightweight
    The most important and highlighted feature of this vacuum cleaner is lightweight. Its weight is only 7.7 pounds. Also, it is paired with its slim swivel design and both features will help you to clean the carpet effortlessly. Both these factors help you to glide machine over soft carpets easily.
  • Easiness
    The vacuumed cleaner can easily clean underneath and behind the furniture and narrow opening areas. All is done due to a lightweight and slim design. Oreck Magnesium LW1500RS made it easy to clean thoroughly.
  • Headlights
    Oreck Magnesium LW1500RS featured headlights that help you to clean areas with low lights. You can clean areas like underneath furniture and dark corners easily having this feature on your vacuum cleaner.
  • Automatic Adjustment
    This machine automatically detects what type of surface you are cleaning. It adjusts itself whether you are cleaning a hardwood floor or a soft carpet. Having this feature ensures the deep cleaning of carpeted areas and dust-free hard floors.
  • Safety
    The machine includes an auto shut-off system for your safety. If the machine gets jammed on a soft surface like cloth or carpet, the feature helps to shut down the machine to prevent overheating the motor. Also, it comes with a HEPA filter that makes sure to catch all allergens and don’t let them release into the air again.
  • Slim design that is easy to use
  • Super lightweight to carry from one place to another
  • Small size and easy to store
  • Multi-surface cleaning gives versatile use of machine
  • Auto power adjustment for different surfaces
  • Comes with a HEPA filter bag that is useful for those who suffer from asthma
  • very expensive
  • Dust bag is small

Final Words

Oreck Magnesium LW1500RS is the best machine if you want to have a lightweight for your easiness. It is not only lightweight but also has a slim design to use easily. It is a pricy product but if you can afford it then it will be amazing and convenient to use for you.


4. Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Sonic Clean Vacuum

Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Sonic Clean Vacuum


The Soniclean vacuum cleaner is a great choice for those who have frieze carpet and worried about their effective cleaning. The product is a long-lasting solution to clean your frieze carpet for a long time. It is featured with large wheels to stop the machine from getting bogged down in the carpet. The Soniclean vacuum cleaner is a top-class vacuum to clean soft carpets.

This vacuum cleaner comes with a special sonic technology that is impressive to clean out the carpets and preserves their soft plush quality. Also, it includes an adjustable vent system that allows you to move around quickly and clean the carpet faster. Many carpet cleaners can’t match it if it comes to suction power. Let’s have a look at more amazing features.


Long Cord

The Soniclean vacuum cleaner comes with a long cord that distinguishes it from other vacuum cleaners. The cord is 35 feet long and it is very durable. This long cord will help you to cover larger areas.

Cleaning Process

Are you thinking about how does it work? Okay, it creates 200 vibrations per second with the help of sonic cleaning technology. It makes the dirt and dust loosen up. After it, the ultra-soft brush roll helps to clean and pick up the dirt in the machine without damaging the carpet.

EZ push technology

It is a lightweight vacuum cleaner and you can move easily anywhere you want. It has an adjustable EZ push technology that helps you to push and pull the device without any difficulty or fear of damaging the carpet. EZ push technology has made vacuuming smooth and easy.

Two modes of Motor

The Soniclean vacuum cleaner has a digitally controlled motor that has two modes of cleaning. One of them is the “quiet” mode that is often used for normal cleaning and ideal for standard carpets and hard floors. Another mode is the “deep cleaning” mode that helps to clean massively stained carpeted areas.

HEPA Filter and Indicator

The vacuumed cleaner picks the dirt and dust as low as 0.3 microns with a patented seal-tech hospital-grade HEPA filter bag. After trapping all dust and debris, it won’t let it go in the air and provides you fresh air to breathe after cleaning. Moreover, when the dust bag fills up, A light indicator lights up to alert you.

Latest Feature

A newly added feature in this vacuum cleaner is fragrance pods. It doesn’t only cleans the carpet but also spreads a fresh scent in the air. You can select any scent that matches your mood.

  • Versatile vacuum cleaner for soft surfaces like frieze carpet
  • Large and soft wheels make maneuverability easy.
  • It has an adjustable vent system for different types of surfaces.
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Dual-mode for soft and hard carpets
  • The long power cord cover a larger area
  • Doesn’t come with extra tools
  • Bags have to buy separately

Final Words:

After analyzing its features, we suggest you have this vacuum cleaner if you want to clean the frieze carpet quickly. It is best for houses that have many people coming. It will perfectly clean the frieze carpet with excellent suction.


5. Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum

Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum


If you want a vacuum cleaner that works quietly then Shark Rotator (NV501) will be the perfect choice for you. If you want to get rid of noisy vacuum cleaners and have a vacuum cleaner with the best features then this cleaner is the best choice. It is unique, precise, and not at all trivial. This Shark Rotator (NV501) is also the best commercial carpet cleaner.

Vacuum cleaners produced by Shark are very popular. Shark Rotator (NV501) is considered one of the best bagless vacuum cleaners nowadays. It is a portable upright vacuum cleaner that can be carried out easily and take it anywhere without any difficulty. This vacuum cleaner not only works best for frieze carpet but also the best vacuum cleaner for Berber carpet. Let’s have a detailed look at it.


  • Dust Capacity
    It has a dust capacity of 1.3 quartz that is XL size. It allows you long cleaning sessions without any delay in emptying it. This feature of dust capacity is not available for many commercial vacuum cleaners because it slows down the process of cleaning. But in this case, it has enough capacity to clean all the homes.
  • Cleaning Pod
    The most exciting feature of Shark Rotator (NV501) is that it has a cleaning pod. This pod helps you to clean stairs, floors, and also any part of the house even the commercial lot conveniently. That is one more step towards versatility and no one can beat the level of this product.
  • Anti-Allergen Seal Technology
    To purify the environment of the home, the vacuum cleaner comes with a HEPA and anti-allergen seal technology that makes your environment allergen-free. It makes the environment breathable for everyone. Shark Rotator (NV501) removes viruses and allergens residing under the furniture or on the carpets or floors.
  • Quiet Operation
    Shark Rotator (NV501) does not make too much noise. With the help of ultra-quiet operation and smooth cleaning, It cleans the carpet efficiently and precisely without disturbing anyone with noise. Due to this, it is also called a silent killer for the dust and dirt at home.
  • Other Features
    It has a 25 feet large cord that is not much longer but quite enough for cleaning a room. It is lightweight and works smoothly. Shark Rotator (NV501) has 8.4 feet hose length through which you can clean place standing in a fixated position. Also, the package includes premium pet tools and other accessories. 
  • Featured with Ultra-Quiet operation
  • versatile design and easy to use
  • Great suction power to remove debris from carpet
  • great picker for pet hairs and has LED lights to clean darken areas
  • Lightweight and can be lifted easily
  • Come with anti-allergen seal technology to provide germs free environment
  • The power brush is not much effective
  • The longer hose can create problems sometimes

Final Words

Overall, Shark Rotator (NV501) is a great choice if you want deep cleaning of frieze carpet. If you have people at home who are allergic to noise, then this product will be quite perfect as it doesn’t create noise. Also, it can be used for multiple types of floors. 


6. Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Pet Hairs Removal

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Pet Hairs Removal


Are you worried about the mess of your kids, muddy shoes, and pet hairs and tried to clean them over again and again? If yes then we know a vacuum cleaner that will provide you excellent relief. Yes, it is Dyson Ball Animal 2 vacuum cleaner through which you can clean the furniture and floors. Also, you can clean high ceilings by using a rod and long hose.

Dyson is a well-known company and has produced many great products. Dyson Ball Animal 2 is specifically made for homes with pets. The unit comes with a motorized pet tool to clean the pet mess. It is really lightweight and very easy to maneuver around your home. Let’s have a detailed look at this amazing vacuum cleaner.


  • Test of ASTFM F558
    Dyson Ball Animal 2 has the most powerful suction of any other vacuum cleaner. It has passed through a test of ASTFM F558 and resulted that the head is hygienic and can tackle any amount of dust. This vacuum cleaner is like a purifier that catches the smallest amount of germs to protect your house.
  • Pet Hairs and Allergens Removal
    If you have pets at home, it is really difficult to clean the carpet with an ordinary vacuum cleaner, especially a soft carpet. Dyson Ball Animal 2 is manufactured in such a way that it catches up the pet hair and dirt within a short period of time and you will be surprised. For more precision, it also removes the allergens associated with pets and makes sure a healthy environment.
  • Self-Adjusted Cleaner Head
    Adding more, it has a self-adjusted cleaner head that is an amazing addition to the product. It seals the suction pipe by detecting its need and keeps on working like that until it stops. No matter where in the dirt, it will reach everywhere either it is below the furniture or above the furniture.
  • More Tools
    Dyson Ball Animal 2 comes with a 35 feet long cord that is long enough to reach every corner of the room. Moreover, it comes with 6 tools that will help you to clean the carpet more actively and securely. 

Final Words:

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 is an amazing vacuum cleaner if you have a frieze carpet at your home with pets. It is specially engineered for pet’s hairs and to provide you an energetic and clean environment. A little pricy product but best to provide you a safer environment.


7. Shark ZU561 Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum – Self-cleaning Brush roll

Shark ZU561 Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum - Self cleaning Brush roll


If you are looking for a comfortable and efficient vacuum cleaner then the Shark ZU561 is here. This vacuum cleaner does the job of cleaning long hair efficiently. It is featured with an upright design that helps you to use the vacuum cleaner at any surface conveniently without putting any pressure on your back.

The Shark ZU561 has style, comfort, and functionality in a single unit you can do the cleaning job quite comfortably. One of the amazing features of this vacuum cleaner is that it cleans itself. Yes, with the help of a Zero M brush, cleans itself after getting the job done.


Anti-Allergen Seal

The Shark ZU561 Comes with an anti-allergen seal technology and HEPA filter. It traps 99% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner and doesn’t let them go in the air. So, anti-allergen seal technology is helpful for maintaining a fresh environment to breathe.

Self-Cleaning Brushroll

This amazing vacuum cleaner comes with the amazing feature of self-cleaning. Through this brush roll, it can pick up pet hairs very well without any hair wrap. After getting the job done, it automatically cleans itself.

Suction Control

The Shark ZU561 has also a suction control feature that helps you to clean different kinds of surfaces. You can adjust suction power while cleaning from a hard floor to a soft carpet. This is a great feature to save energy with controlled usage of power.

Upright Vacuum and Pod:

The Shark ZU561 can be used as the upright vacuum cleaner for cleaning floors and carpets. If you need more portability, detach the pod and convert it to lift-away mode to clean above-floor areas like furniture and stairs easily.

Other Features:

It has a quick emptying bagless dust cup that can be easily removed. You can empty it by just pressing a button. Also, The Shark ZU561 includes extra tools to clean tight spaces, stubborn pet hairs, and all other hard to remove stuff.

  • Anti-allergen complete seal technology to provide a fresh environment
  • Controlled and powerful suction technology
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Comes with the self-cleaning brush roll
  • Long cord and swivel steering to move around easily
  • Lift-away design
  • Makes noise sometimes

Final Words

The Shark ZU561 is an option for those who are looking for portability and functionality. This vacuum cleaner picks the pet hairs efficiently without wrapping them.  It has a self-cleaning brush roll which only a few vacuum cleaners have. Also, all the features that the best cleaner should have. Go for this vacuum cleaner if it fulfills your needs.


8. Eureka NEU202 Vacuum Cleaner – Auto Cord Rewind feature

Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Auto Cord Rewind feature


Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed has made carpet cleaning so easy. It cleans the carpet so smoothly that it doesn’t damage the carpet. The best part of this is that it retraces the cord itself by just pressing a button. That means you don’t need to wrap up the long cord for storage of vacuumed after cleaning. Let’s have a detailed look at this amazing vacuum cleaner for frieze carpet.


All floor Cleaning

This vacuum cleaner provides powerful floor cleaning. It can cover a path up to 12.6″ wide and can clean different types of surfaces. It can clean hardwood floors, tiles, carpets, and area rug and make them free from pet hairs, debris, and dirt.

Lightweight and Liftable

Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed is a very lightweight vacuum weighing 12.3 pounds only. That means you can move around so easily and take it from one floor to another without any difficulty. Easy to lift up and clean the surface quickly.

XL Dust Cup

This vacuum cleaner comes with a dust cup having a capacity of 1-liter. It is large enough that you don’t need to empty it frequently. You can empty it with the help of a flip lid. It is straightforward to clean and can be washed. All this procedure doesn’t require any maintenance cost.

Automatic Cord Rewind

Do you feel annoyed by wrapping the cord after cleaning the carpet? If yes then this vacuum cleaner comes with automatic cord rewind. It automatically wraps up to a 25′ cord with just a push of a button and provides you hassle-free storage.

  • Powerful suction to remove debris and dust
  • Comes with amazing dusting tools
  • Lightweight and easy to cleanout
  • Power Brush is also included
  • Auto cord wrapping
  • Don’t have HEPA filters
  • May overheat

Final Words

Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed is a very popular vacuum cleaner that works efficiently. Its automatic rewind cord feature is really useful. Most important it is good for frieze carpet and doesn’t damage it. It is not a pricy product if you see its features. Go for this vacuum cleaner if it satisfies your needs.


9. Shark ZS362 APEX with Self-Cleaning Brushroll – Duo clean vacuum cleaner

Shark ZS362 APEX with Self-Cleaning Brushroll - Duo clean vacuum cleaner


If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that can be used as both stick and a strong handheld unit, then Shark ZS362 APEX suits perfectly on it. It is a 2-in-1 corded bagless vacuum cleaner and has a versatile design. With the help of innovative technologies, Shark (company name) allows Shark ZS362 APEX vacuum cleaner to be used as the main vacuum cleaner in small and even medium-sized homes. It can be used as quick cleanups in larger homes.


  • DuoClean Technology
    The Vacuum cleaner comes with duo clean technology that helps to deep clean the carpets. Through this technology, it will clean each pore of the frieze rug and provides a fresh look to the carpet. Through this technology, it will give the floor a polished look.
  • Brush Roll
    Shark ZS362 APEX comes with a powerful brush roll that picks up the pet’s hairs and no single hair left behind. It picks hair without wrapping. It picks hair from both carpets and floors and above-floor areas like stairs and furniture.
  • Portable Handheld Vacuum
    The Shark ZS362 is a stick vacuum cleaner that can be easily converted to a portable handheld vacuum. Through this, you can clean above-floor areas like stairs, furniture, and many more. Also, you can clean underneath furniture that is difficult to reach.
  • Swivel Steering
    The Shark ZS362comes with an advanced swivel steering system. This feature lets you move towards any area that is difficult to reach. E.g. you can maneuver your vacuum in tight spaces, corners, furniture, and many more difficult places.
  • Other Tools
    This vacuum cleaner also comes with many other tools like powerful LED lights that help to clean dark areas. It also includes a crevice tool, Pet multi-tool, and a precision duster.

Final Words

Shark ZS362 is a versatile and convertible vacuum cleaner. It has good suction power and different cleaning tools that make it the user easy to clean the carpets. If you have a small or medium-size home then it will be an excellent choice. For larger homes, it is not the best solution. For that, it can be used as a quick cleaning vacuum, not as the main vacuum cleaner.


Buying Guide | Best Vacuum for Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpet is a popular type of carpet that gives your room a luxurious look. Aside from giving luxurious look, the carpet is that thing which you don’t want to mess up its maintenance.

There are many vacuum cleaners available in the market but choose the best vacuum cleaner for frieze carpet. Keep in mind the following factors that will lead you to a perfect vacuumed cleaner for frieze carpet.


If there is a vacuum cleaner that creates too much noise while cleaning. Will you feel comfortable with that? So go for that vacuum cleaner that works quietly and gives you stress-free cleaning. There are many products available on the market. Keep the factor in mind if you don’t like unpleasant sounds.

Suction Strength

If you want a vacuum having powerful suction then it’s not your fault. Either you don’t know your carpet or you want to get rid of debris immediately.

There is a saying “with great power, comes great responsibility” and this perfectly fits in this scenario. If you go for a powerful suction cleaner then it can damage the weave of your frieze carpet. So, always choose that cleaner that has controlled suction power which you can adjust according to the situation.

Adjustable Height

It is really a critical matter for frieze carpet. Sometimes it works well without adjusting the height of the vacuum but if you have the option of adjustable height then go for that. An adjustable height feature is necessary to adjust the height between the floor surface and the powerhead. It is done to prevent any damage done by vacuum cleaners.

Beater Bar

The beater bar is useful in some cases and similarly can be dangerous in some cases. |For frieze carpet surface, the beater bar is harmful. You should go for a vacuum cleaner that is without a beater bar. It can damage the long frieze fibers.

Controlled Speed

You should go for a vacuum cleaner that has a controlled or adjustable speed feature. Different types of carpets need different speeds to clean properly.

For the frieze carpet, it should have increased speed. High speed allows you to complete the cleaning process quickly. Similarly, slow speed is also required to stop the dirt from escaping. So a vacuum cleaner having an adjustable speed feature will be the best choice for frieze carpet.


The price of anything matters a lot. You have to see different factors and is one of them. Absolutely nothing best comes free. More investment gives you more functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can vacuuming ruin the frieze carpet?
    It might ruin if you choose a vacuum cleaner that is not suitable for frieze carpet. e.g. if it has powerful suction or beater bar that can damage frieze carpet.
  • Is the frieze carpet need more care?
    It’s up to you, if you care more it will be long-lasting. Also, it depends on a vacuum cleaner. If you clean regularly, you don’t need to invest in any professional cleaning service.
  • Why HEPA filters are necessary?
    HEPA filters are important to catch up with the dust and allergens in the air and don’t let them spread again.
  • How much a vacuum cleaner costs?
    It depends on the features that it is providing. More features require more money.
  • Is controlled suction necessary?
    Yes, because powerful suction can damage the frieze carpet. But you need high suction power to remove sticky dust and debris. So, it is better to have controlled suction power.


Although frieze carpets are expensive they provide a luxurious look to your home. Maintaining its original look and quality is quite a difficult job and you can make it easy with a suitable vacuum cleaner.

At this stage of the article, you probably have a good idea which vacuum cleaner is best for frieze carpet and which features it should have to fulfill your requirements. You have now the 9 best vacuum cleaners and can choose what is according to your needs.

We have analyzed and will recommend Oreck Magnesium RS upright vacuum cleaner for your home needs. It is the perfect choice if you want to use it only at home.

It is not a final choice, you can go for others in the list that looks better. Using a vacuum cleaner on any of the above list will make your cleaning experience much better and comfortable.

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