How to Clean Robot Vacuum | The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Robot vacuums cleaners are one of the time-saving and convenient appliances for cleaning, and in 2021 the number of people is replacing old traditional vacuum cleaner with advanced robot vacuum cleaners. They can clean your floors, and they can mop as well. And there is no hard work required for cleaning, and you can schedule them according to schedule, and the list of advantages for robot vacuums are so big, and we summarize it here. Ultimately robot vacuums are winning the race, and with latest technology and feature you can clean your floors with few touch of your Smartphone from a distance as well. Unfortunately, robot cleaners aren’t entirely self-sufficient. And for better performance in cleaning and mopping result, they required standard maintenance, and if you don’t do that differently, your robot vacuum won’t tackle the chores it could stop cleaning in the end.

How to Clean Robot Vacuum

Because no matter how advanced is your robot or how effectively it navigate on the floors after some time around two months there will be a requirement of servicing and you can do at home there is no need to spending money on this cleaning. All you have to do it clear the wheels and brushes of debris, and take the filters out and wash the filter and clean sensors, if you are thinking how you are going to do this and stressing out yourself. Don’t worry in this article; We have written the complete guide on how to clean the robot vacuum step by step. All you have to do is follow step by step, and you can clean your robot vacuum very easily and make your robot vacuum cleaner more extended life.

Empty The Dustbin & Clean The Dustbin Regularly

Bins are the final destination of all type of trash you clean from the floor.Doesn’t matter how big is your robot vacuum clean container always check your dustbin of robot vacuum and empty them and clean them with warm water and do this normally after cleaning sessions.Empty the Dustbin

One thing makes sure first dry them after cleaning then put them back in a robot vacuum.

First, remove your robot vacuum cleaner dustbin from the body — usually, bin located in the backside of a robot vacuum cleaner. To remove press the release button and pull drawer backwards and in some robot vacuums first, you have to separate robot vacuum from the dock then you have to do this.

And some latest robot vacuum has a bin in the centre of robot vacuum, and they are centre mount, and you can pull them out from the top of the machine without upsetting the robot vacuum charging dock. And some vacuum has a system of automatic bin clean as well.

Clean The Filter

Every robot vacuum cleaners have filters and filters main duty is to trap dust particles in the bin as air flows throughout the robot vacuum. After some time filters become time, these filters will become bunged with trash like pet hairs, human hairs lint and different type of debris. So don’t forget to clean it your robot vacuum filter whenever you do clean and empty dustbin.

Simply, you have to pull away filter with hand. The best way is to clean the filter is clear the filter with a high suction vacuum. Some people use water for cleaning filter don’t do this mistake always clear your filter with the air you can use a blow dryer as well because Filters aren’t designed to face any liquid.

Clear The Brushes And Wheels

The first contact of any robot vacuum cleaner with the trash during the cleaning process is with wheels and the second is with brushes and for better performance both need cleaning and servicing.Clear the brushes and wheels

And with Dust and debris build around them during cleaning, and gradually robot vacuum cleaning speed is reduced. Especially long human hairs are a big challenge for brushes and wheels.And it’s very important to clean brushes and wheels regularly and especially if you find your robot vacuum speed slow do clear the brushes and wheels and once it clean it will be back with more speed and good cleaning performances.

Some robot vacuum offer tool for this purpose and if you don’t have any tool you can clean it with an old brush or bare hands because you can see long hairs stuck in wheels with eyes and all you to do is clean your brush and wheels from big human hairs and pet hair and debris

Clean The Sensors 

Behind the all advance robot vacuum navigation, mapping, and dodging obstacles, there are sensors. While cleaning the Dirt and dust on the sensor, it can confuse the robot cleaner during cleaning. All robot vacuum has two types of sensor lidar, an optical system for navigation and both type sensor will fail if there is any dirt on the sensors, so cleaning of sensor is very important.

Always Use a cotton swab or damp microfiber dry cloth to wipe the sensors of robot vacuum and make sure the piece of cloth will be free from Dirt. And clean all the main sensors from up down and wherever you found the sensors.

Wipe The Charging Contacts

For charging all robot vacuums, the cleaner has contact underneath them and if there is Dirt on contact might be your vacuum often fail to load in the dock.Wipe the charging contacts

And if anytime it happens first you have to clean the contacts. You can simply clean the metal surfaces of both sides dock and robot vacuum cleaner the best way is to clean the contacts is with a damp magic eraser or micro fiber cloth and make sure always use Dirt free cloth and dry cloth.


Now you have read almost most completed guide regarding how to clean robot vacuum. Don’t ignore your robot vacuum cleaner if you always want good performance and long term robot vacuum and if you do this cleaning, your machine should serve you realistically for years. And if you are looking for best robot vacuums 2021 you can check out our collection and read some amazing reviews about the latest robot vacuums.



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