How to Fluff Berber Carpet

The Berber carpet is a unique and stylish type of carpet featuring in every house nowadays. The Berber carpet makes the look of your house luxurious. People Installed Berber carpet in their homes, but they also worried about how to fluff Berber carpet when there are dirt and dents on the carpet.

The Berber carpet gets dents by years of unremoved dents, and if dents are present on the Berber carpet, it time to get it back to its original look and fluff it. The flattened carpet may need vacuum and brushing, but the dent needs a deep process. To boost Berber carpet, Blow dry it; use vinegar water, ice, or iron. Combing with a fork, it fluffs or rubbing it with your fingers or scraping it with the spoon edge after these initial processes.

There are the following different ways to Fluff Berber carpet.

How to Fluff Berber Carpet:

In this article we’re gonna guide you how to fluff your Berber Carpet by using different techniques.

Using vinegar:

Spray the affected carpet area with water and vinegar:

Mix up the equal concentration of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray overall the dented or flattened part of the carpet. Ensure that all the parts of the carpet are cover with the spray and for the soaking wet doesn’t saturate the liquid in the carpet.

The spray bottle should be chemical-free and clean before using it for the carpet.

Let the cleaner sit on the carpet for 10-30 minutes:

Give the cleaner time to do its work for the deep dents or flattened area to deep clean it. If you let the mixture work for a longer time deep impression of the cleaner will come out.

The vinegar solution is mostly used for the cleaner. It will clean the area you spray rather than the whole carpet.

Blot up the liquid with the towel:

Get a clean white towel and softly press it into the carpet. Blot the liquid until it soaked up all the solution. Avoid pressing too hard; otherwise, it’ll flatten the carpet out again.

To avoid bleeding the color onto the carpet, it is better to use a white towel.

Scrape the carpet with the edge of the spoon:

Grab a spoon so that the area you are fluffing of the carpet is against the edge. Scrape the spoon onto the carpet in straight lines and pressing the spoon in it. By this, the carpet fiber will spring up again.

Try combing the carpet in case if the spoon doesn’t give you the result you want.

Try a non-metal bristle brush to even out the carpet when the dent is gone.

Allow the carpet to dry:

When a fluffed process is completed, try not to walk on the carpet before it is dry. Also, do not put any furniture back on the carpet before it is dry. Let the carpet dry completely. It will take time, depending on the area of the carpet.

Melting ice:

Set ice cubes on dent:

Get some ice cube and put it on the dent on your carpet. If there are many dents, try to keep the ice cube on each dent. If the dent’s size is more than 5cm, put the two ice cubes on that dent.

Allow the ice to melt completely:

Once the dents are covered with the ice cube, leave them alone to meltdown. The ice cube will melt depending on how much ice you put on the dent and temperature of the room. It may take minutes to half an hour.

Blot the water up with a clean and white towel:

When all of the ice melted down, soak up the clean towel in it. To avoid dent, blot the carpet with that towel softly. The towel should be clean and white so that the color won’t be transferred on the carpet.

Fluff the carpet with a spoon, finger, or fork:

To stand up the carpet as it should be, rub the previous dented area with your finger. If it doesn’t fluff the carpet, try scraping with the spoon by its edge or combing the carpet with small forks.

To back up the fluff of the fiber using the soft brush on the carpet.

Using an iron:

Lay a wet cloth on the area you want to fluff:

Pick a hand cloth or white cloth from your linen fabrics. Warm the towel by putting it in the warm water. Lay the warm towel on the flat or dent area of the carpet. If you want to fluff the large area of the carpet, you may need to use more than one towel.

Steam the towel with an iron on medium heat:

To steam the towel on medium heat, put the plugin it, set it to medium heat and hold it few inches above the towel and move it around in a circular motion.

To avoid damage to the carpet or towel, do not put iron directly onto the fiber.

Fluff the carpet with your finger:

Put aside the iron when the area is heated up. Put off the cloth from that area. To back up the fiber spring, rub the carpet with your fingers. If necessary, apply the towel and heat it again.

If you scrap the fiber with a spoon or comb it with thy tiny forks, you will get more stubborn carpet fiber, and it will fluff more.

To have even look brush the carpet afterwards.

Using a blow dryer:

Fill a spray bottle with clean water:

Find a clean spray bottle and fill it with warm water. Do not use such extremely hot water as it will cause damage to the carpet fiber. If you don’t have clean water, use distilled water.

Spray the flattened carpet with the water:

If you spray too much water on the carpet it will ruin it. So make sure you don’t spray too much water as the carpet will be soaked in it. Just spray the water on dented or flattened area.

Blow-dry the carpet:

Grab the dryer and plug it and set in on the low heat. Put the dryer away from the carpet from about 5 to 6 inches and move it around in circular motion.

Fluff up the carpet:

When the carpet is completely dry, rub your hand on the carpet in a circular motion to spring back the carpet’s fiber. Gently scrape with a spoon or fork if fluff doesn’t get the way you want.


Clean and fluff the carpet before the dents get deep. You will get dents to get out of your carpet if you follow any of the method explained above. Fill any gaps in the carpet or between the walls by using wood filler and try to remove those gaps as best as possible. Try to walk barefoot on the carpet. Install the rubber carpet pads, which help to protect the carpet from dents and other moisture.

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