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How to Remove Turmeric Stain from Carpet

Turmeric is an Indian spice that has a yellow color. It is widely used in South Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisine. Turmeric is also used as fabric dye because it penetrates very deeply.

But this could be difficult if it penetrates the carpet or clothes or any other fabric where you don’t want it to happen.

It could be happened due to accidental spills. After this, many people don’t know how to remove turmeric stains from the carpet, and they found it really hard. But it could be removed with patience and using the right materials.

How to Remove Turmeric Stain from Carpet

Turmeric is composed of a compound named curcumin. This compound is the main reason for its indelibility. The turmeric spice is very much indelible, and that’s why it’s often used as clothes dying because it penetrates quickly.

So when it accidentally spilled on your luxury carpet, please take steps to remove it as soon as possible. Its inability can make it a stubborn stain that will be hard to remove.

Time is considered the main factor when it comes to removing Turmeric stains. As soon as this stain happens on the carpet, scoop it with the help of anything as much as possible.

Once you scooped it now, it’s time to remove the turmeric stain from the carpet. Follow any of the below methods to remove the remaining part of the stain.

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How to Remove Turmeric Stain from Carpet

Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is known as a popular cleaning agent. It can help to remove any kind of dust or grease-like stains from any surface, like carpets. Just follow the below steps to remove turmeric stain:

  • Before applying baking soda solution, pick up the Turmeric as much as possible. If it is spelled out in powder, try to lift it with a knife or spoon. Don’t rub the stain as it can cause to spread of the stain.
  • Take a cup of water, mix any detergent (better to mix liquid dish soap), and a teaspoon of baking soda. After making the solution, stir it on the stain in fast mode. The quantity of baking soda should be one/third compared to detergent in one cup of soda.
  • Now take a sponge and soak it into the mixture. Pat the sponge that is soaked with the mixture on the surface of the carpet where stain exists. Dab it until all the stain is covered with a mixture.
  • Now, it’s time to take a toothbrush and scrub on the affected area gently. Move the toothbrush in circular and side-by-side motion. Use the toothbrush softly and keep scrubbing until the stain is removed.
  • Finish the process by using a stain cleaner. In the end, use a clean cloth to if there is any mark left behind.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide and Liquid Dish Soap

A mixture of Hydrogen peroxide and liquid dish soap can really help to remove stubborn stains like turmeric. Just follow the below steps to do so:

  • Take a bowl of warm water and soak an absorbent towel in it. After this, blot the turmeric stain with a towel until considerable stain is removed from the carpet’s surface. Do not rub the towel too hard as it can spread the stain to a larger area.
  • Now take a bucket and fill it with water. Mix liquid soap in this water. Take a sponge and soak it in that solution. Dab it on the affected area until all the stain is covered with this solution. Leave it for almost 10 minutes.
  • After time passes, take a clean towel to blot and remove enough turmeric as much as you can. Repeat this process to lift maximum turmeric
  • Now it’s time to get a spray bottle of water and mix some hydrogen peroxide in it. The quantity of water and hydrogen peroxide should be in a 9:1 ratio. Spray it on the affected area and leave it for two hours.
  • Now,  it’s the final stage, and scrub the area using a clean cloth. At this stage, your carpet should be stain-free.

Using Methylated Spirits

Methylated spirits are commonly available at almost every home. Methylated spirits contain denatured alcohol that is a mixture of ethyl and methyl alcohol. It has many beneficial uses, and one of them is stain removal. It is poisonous alcohol that can be dangerous for your health. Wear gloves and eye protectant to keep your skin safe. Follow these steps to remove the stain on the carpet:

  • First of try to remove turmeric powder as much as you can. If it is dropped on the carpet in liquid form, then try to blot it with a white cloth to absorb the stain.
  • Now, coming on the main part, apply methylated spirit on the affected area and left it behind for 5 minutes. It will turn red, which means it’s normal.
  • Now, use a paper towel or a cloth to sponge the affected area. Repeat this step again and again until all the color from the carpet transforms to the cloth.
  • Now spray cold water on the affected area using a spray bottle.
  • Apply liquid dishwashing soap on the affected area and left it to soak for 5 minutes.
  • Take a clean cloth or towel and dab the stained area. At this stage, you will get rid of turmeric stain on the carpet.

Using Glycerin

Glycerin can be used to remove turmeric stains as it is a good solvent. Follow the below instructions to remove stains from the carpet.

  • Get a towel and soak it in tepid water. Now apply it to the affected area by blotting with a towel. Left it for a minute.
  • Now take a spray bottle and mix water and glycerin in the same quantity. Both should be in quantity 1:1. Apply it to the affected area. Make sure to shake it well before applying.
  • Now again, repeat the first step. Pour a little amount of tepid water into the affected area and leave it for some time. After a minute, blot the area with a clean towel or absorbent cloth. Do this step repeatedly until remove enough stain.
  • Now, at this stage, you will notice that yellow stains are disappearing. Use liquid dish soap, wash off the area with the brush, and dry it with a clean towel.

 Using Bleach

Before applying this method, remember that this procedure is only applicable on the white color surface. Never apply it on any colored fabric. The reason is that bleach is a powerful acidic detergent, and it can strip off any color from the surface of any fabric.

This is the best and easy way to clean turmeric stain from the carpet. You have to soak the affected area with a reasonable amount of bleach and left it behind for 15 minutes. After it, manually wash the surface, and here is your carpet stain-free.

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Tips while Removing Turmeric Stain on the Carpet

Follow these pro tips if Turmeric accidentally falls on the carpet. If you don’t do so, then it could transform the Turmeric stain into a stubborn stain that is very difficult to remove.

  1. Act Quickly
    If Turmeric drops on the carpet, either it is in liquid form or powder, try to remove it as much as you can. If it is in liquid form, try to blot the area with a wet towel softly. If it is a powder, try to pick up the maximum amount from the carpet with a knife or spoon’s help. If the turmeric stays on the carpet for a few hours, it could be a nightmare to remove it. As soon as you treat the affected area, more chances to remove the stain.
  2. Testing
    Before applying any method of removing turmeric stain on the carpet, always try that solution on an extra piece of carpet. Because using chemicals like hydrogen peroxide can act dangerously on the carpet. Do this on a separate part and analyze the reaction. If everything goes well, then try it on the affected area.
  3. Scrub
    If you get turmeric stain or any other stain on the carpet, Don’t scrub that affected area. Scrubbing the stain can make the matter worst. It can spread the stain on the carpet. Blot the affected area or scrub it softly with the help of a brush or towel.
  4. Sunlight
    Expose the carpet to sunlight after applying any turmeric stain removal method. This will not only dry the carpet but also bleaches the stain off. Expose the carpet only if it has white color, don’t do so if the carpet has any color other than white. Excessive exposure to the sun can cause color losing and makes your carpet dull looking.
  5. Clean with Steam
    After applying the stain removal method to the carpet, try to steam clean your carpet. This could be really effective for the attractive look of the stained area.
  6. Dry the Carpet
    Always dry the carpet after removing the stain. If the carpet has white in color, then you can dry it in sunlight. Otherwise, try to dry it with the fan. If you leave behind the carpet wet, it will attract more dust and dirt and makes the carpet more ugly.

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We have tried to cover each method that can help answer how to remove turmeric stains from the carpet.

We suggest you inspect the fabric from where you want to remove the turmeric stain and then select the perfect method for that fabric. For example, some carpets are made of woolen that is very soft and can’t be treated equally.

We expect this article is beneficial for you, and if the incident happens again, you know what to do. Apply that method to remove turmeric stain that doesn’t harm the carpet’s color or surface.

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