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How to Clean Wool Carpet

Having a wool carpet at home is sure to be proud of, and it is a remunerative investment. Woolen carpets tend to be pleasing, durable, easy to maintain, comforting, and look well with your house.

“Easy maintenance” can fool you because cleaning it isn’t an easy task if you don’t know how to clean wool carpet. Maintaining wool carpet’s pristine condition is a complicated task, but the best vacuum cleaner for wool carpet can do the job quite well.

How to Clean Wool Carpet

Wool carpets are more fragile than synthetic carpets, and you need to care more attentively. Mostly wool carpets are either 100% made of wool or a mixture of natural and synthetic materials.

If the wool carpet has hard to remove stains, then professional carpet cleaners can be handy. They have years of experience in this. But, that could be costly, and also you have to wait for that.

If you can clean the wool carpet stains at home, then why go outside? To clean the wool carpet, let’s have a detailed look at this topic.

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Clean Regularly

If your carpet has dirt nesting, then it must be cleaned out. More dirt and dust on the carpet means a more thorough cleaning process. To avoid it, regular cleaning is necessary. Use a quality vacuum cleaner that has soft bristles to clean wool carpet gently and trap all types of dirt from it.

If you have brand new carpets, manufacturers recommend vacuuming them regularly and lightly in the first week to remove surface lint, fluff, and dust.

Make sure to clean the carpet after three days and regular cleaning of high-traffic areas. It will never let the dirt nesting and keep the carpet’s look original and fresh.

Dry Cleaning and Water Extraction

Wool carpets are more sensitive than synthetic carpets, and they need regular cleaning. While cleaning them, woolen carpets demand more attention.

Carpet manufacturers don’t recommend shampooing the carpet or steam cleaning because it can damage the carpet’s pores.

Instead of doing this, we recommend cleaning the carpets by certified carpet technicians with hot water extraction or dry clean methods. It should be done once in 12 to 18 months to give new life to the carpet. Let’s briefly describe both methods.

Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction

Hot water cleaning is the most effective way to clean the wool carpet. For this purpose, the best commercial carpet cleaner is required. A water cleaner that mixes hot water and detergent and jets deeply to wool fibers. It will help to clean accumulated filth and dust effectively.

While the vacuum cleaner jet the hot water, it also has an air drier that dries the carpet with hot air instantly. This is quite an effective way to clean the wool carpet.

Dry Cleaning the Carpet

Dry cleaning is a great technique to clean natural fiber like wool. But one thing to keep in mind that it is not the best solution to remove stains from wool carpet. The dry clean process is straightforward and perfect for refreshing. The method works by applying low-moisture non-toxic cleaning powder to the carpet’s fibers and rubbing it with a brush. This will not only removes the dust and dirt but also cleanse the powder sticks inside the fiber during the process.

In short, all the debris and dust is removed without wetting the carpet and refreshes its natural look.

Cleaning stains and spots from wool carpet

Spot and attain aren’t the same thing; they have a clear difference. Spots are created when something falls or drops on the carpet, and there are no chances to permanently bond or damage the carpet. Immediate reaction or cleaning the carpet can work in this situation.

On the other side, when something falls or drops on the carpet, there are chances to permanently bond or damage the carpet. If not responded fast, that stain can permanently change the color of the carpet. Let’s talk about the removal of stains and spots.

Steps to remove Fresh Liquid Spills

  • Take a soft and clean cloth and soak up the spill as much as possible. Do this until no more left on the cloth. Don’t scrub with cloth because it can let the dirt go deep and damage the carpet.
  • Weeding the carpet, use clean water or wool-approved cleaning spray that doesn’t damage the color and fiber of the carpet.
  • Don’t spray the liquid directly to the spot. First, spray it on cloth and then press the spill with a cloth. Applying directly can damage the carpet.
  • Do the process quickly as soon as the incident happens.

Steps for Pet Accidents

  • First of all, take baking soda and vinegar. Baking soda is beneficial to absorb the odor, and vinegar will help you to disinfect the area. Spread the baking soda on the affected area and left it there for 30 minutes.
  • Make a cleaning solution with 2 cups of water, half teaspoon liquid dishwasher, and a half cup of vinegar.
  • Apply the solution to the affected spot on the carpet.
  • Rub the spot slightly with a circular movement.
  • Rub again and again till it goes off.
  • Now clean it with a dry cloth or paper towel.

It is good to have a commercial stain removal for wool because it can deal with dog or cat urine problems. Also, this will help to remove stubborn dirt. While cleaning the wool carpet, don’t use an excessive amount of water because it will be risky and cause shrinking. It will be good to remove stains from professionals.

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Wool is a soft, amazing, and plush material for carpet. To increase its lifetime, it needs proper care and maintenance. No doubt it is a durable material but still can be damaged by different things. If something happens on it, immediate action can cause to remove that stain or spot by following the above-explained steps.

Wool carpets have a natural wax coating that stops dirt embedding. It is necessary to regularly clean the carpet and thoroughly cleaning after a year. It will increase the durability of the carpet and make it easier to clean the carpet in the future.

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